How It Works

How It Works

TREIDGEN HomeServices provides a commitment to homeowners, which offers services that are dependable, affordable, and obtainable to homeowners of all sizes.

Homeowners can easily choose from a variety of service packages that have been specifically designed to free them of the work and worry associated with maintaining their home. We have created three different packages that consist of common home maintenance needs as well as luxury home services.

Each package has been split into tiers based on the size of the home. Homeowners can easily determine the monthly cost associated with their desired level of service. As the packages graduate, additional services are added to provide an increased level of comfort, cleanliness and maintenance, resulting in a worry free lifestyle.

After selecting which package best suits your personal needs, a Treidgen Home Technician will schedule an initial appointment to perform a multi-point assessment on your home and property. This inspection allows our Home Technician to alert you to any immediate concerns. They will also be equipped with a HomeServices Property Questionnaire allowing them to make note of important aspects such as filter sizes or hard to reach ceiling bulbs that may require an extended ladder.

Your selected package along with details of your home is entered into our system. Each service within the packages are customizable making it possible for us to keep track of which products and services go to which homes and how often.

Now that you have selected a HomeServices packages that best suits your needs, you have the option to request customizable options. We want to embrace our clients individually instead of expecting all homeowners to fit into the same boxes. To satisfy everyone’s needs we have created customizable options for a small nominal fee that will be included on your monthly billing.

For example, if you use hypoallergenic air filters or specific light bulbs for fixtures that may not use standard bulbs. You can go over these specific requested with your HomeCare Technician to ensure your home receives the maintenance products you desire.

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