HomeMaintenance Technician

What is a HomeMaintenance Technician?

HomeMaintenance technicians will perform a thirteen-point inspection on your home and property, offering regular and preventative maintenance such as changing air filters, smoke alarm batteries, and light bulbs, or filling saltwater tanks with the 40lb bags of salt pellets, all on a regular rotating basis.  This prevents homeowners from having to get on ladders or step stools, heavy lifting or waking up to that annoying chirp from a dead battery in the smoke detector.

Imagine never having to pull out a ladder to change dirty air filters or wake up to that piercing chirping from your smoke alarm alerting you at 3am that the batteries need to be changed. How many times have we become too busy with our day to day lives that we forgotten to stock up on things like air filters, light bulbs, and come home to that insensate chirping and realize you forgot to pick up those dang batteries. Then there is the ordeal of heavy bags of salt pellets to regularly fill your water softener. When it comes to shopping, how many of us are unsure of which products to buy? Guessing wrong can result in costly errors and is often frustrating. Leave your home maintenance needs to our HomeMaintenance Technicians, so you can focus on the more Important aspects of your life.

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