Backyard Butler

Our Backyard Butler service was created to offer homeowners a cleaning and maintenance service for their exterior living spaces.

Our exclusive Backyard Butler service was created for homeowners who love their exterior living areas as much as they enjoy the comforts of a clean home. A seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space is making the backyards more enjoyable for homeowners while adding value to the home. To help achieve that seamless transition, Treidgen HomeServices offers an exclusive serviced called the Backyard Butler that will help you effortlessly transition your dusty backyard into an impressive open-air oasis of relaxation and entertainment.


Our Backyard Butlers will clean and maintain your exterior living spaces by wiping away the desert dust from all patio furniture, table tops, and countertops leaving these areas clean and ready to enjoy. Exterior kitchens are sanitized and treated to a special touch of polishing all stainless steel to a beautiful shine. Your exterior shower and bathroom areas are cleaned and sanitized. Firepit and family areas such as playgrounds can be wiped clean of dust and sticky fingers. Debris is swept or blown away removed as well as removing any standing water. Let our Backyard Butlers help you seamlessly transition into your backyard oasis.

The Backyard Butler does more….

Pooper Scooper

We all love our pets yet the one downside to having this little member of the family, is the poop left in our backyard haven.  Not only is it an unpleasant sight amongst the beautiful backdrop of your home, but can also attract unwanted pests, and the smell….  Our home care specialist can walk the grounds and properly dispose of all pet waste. Enjoy your pet every day in the comfort of your home without the hassle of picking up before you play.

Basic Lawn Maintenance

Your backyard oasis is not complete without beautiful landscaping.  In order to keep it thriving and beautiful, it has to be cared for. Our trained lawn maintenance technicians can mow grass, trim bushes, remove weeds, and remove trash and debris.  Inviting this service into our packages allows us to offer it to those who may not traditionally pay for a landscape maintenance company to service their grounds. Now homeowners of small or large properties can enjoy their backyards without having to remove the desert dust, pick up blown in trash, or pull pesky weeds.

Pest Control

Our beautiful desert valley brings forth all sorts of creepy, crawly desert creatures. These tiny creatures are an asset to our environment and surrounding desert, but not so welcomed in our homes.  Waking up to big bites or finding multi-legged company in your kitchen is never a good start to your day. Our pest control specialists can perform routine pest defense sprays, ensuring your home defense against the desert pests that occupy our valley.  

HomeMaintenance Technician

Our HomeMaintenance Service was designed to assist in the mandatory maintenance needs your home requires.  A trained Home Technician will perform a thirteen-point inspection on your home and property offering regular maintenance as well as preventative services.  Our HomeServices division focuses on routine maintenance needs such as changing air filters, changing batteries in smoke alarms, and changing light bulbs. Our technician will refill water softeners with the large heavy bags of salt necessary for the system to purify the water properly.  

Pressure Washing

We receive hundreds of calls every year requesting a driveway cleaning.  Most of which come from homeowners who have received a warning letter from the HOA.  We decided to bundle this service into the HomeServices packages to offer homeowners a preventative option rather than a reactive one.  By having this service readily available, homeowners can live worry free of pesky HOA letters and have the convenience of requesting pressure washing services for additional areas.  

Propane Exchange

The Propane Exchange service was an added amenity to our Platinum Package.  By offering this service to homeowners, we relieve you of the inconvenience of having disconnecting and connecting the the bulky and heavy tanks, and haul the dangerous tanks to the nearest exchange location.  Our Backyard Butlers will exchange all of your propane tanks throughout your property leaving your barbeque and heat lamps ready to use at your leisure.

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