Treidgen HomeServices offers peace of mind…

Treidgen Industries, our parent company, has a property maintenance division that has primarily serviced large residential communities throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Throughout the years, we have received multiple calls from residences requesting cleaning or maintenance services.

Some calls were from homeowners with large residential estates seeking a cleaning service so they could simply enjoy their spacious backyards. Some requests were for simple maintenance needs such as a battery change for an elderly woman or gentleman who could not climb a ladder to fix incessant chirping from a bad smoke alarm battery.

Often, we would perform these small tasks free of charge. Sometimes was simply about serving those in need and not necessarily about turning a profit.

The desire to fulfilling that need that generated the creation of Treidgen HomeServices. As our valley grows and the baby boomers settling into retirement, the demand for laborious yet necessary maintenance services will grow too. We brainstormed ideas and devised a way of fulfilling this need by creating a variety of routine home maintenance services, added a few perks, a couple of luxury services, and placed them all on a rotating schedule. We created a list of home services that we thought homeowners would need as well as want. We thought of all of the tasks necessary to keep a home and property “well maintained”.

Tasks that may be tedious, laborious, or even dangerous. By creating this unique set packages, we are able to offer a solution to our local senior communities, assistance to busy executives and hectic families, and luxury services for larger estates. With Treidgen HomeServices, home maintenance services can be readily available to homeowners of all property sizes, as well as being cost effective.

These unique services are now offered in three package options the SilverState Package, the GoldenNugget Package, and the BattleBorn Package. We chose names that would embody the southwest region and pay homage great city. Each package is tier based on the square footage of the home in order to accommodate properties of all sizes. Treidgen HomeServices we takes the worry out of maintaining our home and property. Now homeowners can enjoy worry free living and rest in the comforts of a well maintained home.

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