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TREIDGEN HomeServices Offers an Array of Home Maintenance Services

Take the worry out of maintaining your home and elevate your lifestyle by adding luxury services to basic home maintenance needs. We have created a unique set of packages designed to offer homeowners worry free living.

TREIDGEN HomeServices was created to offer homeowners an array of home maintenance services that have traditionally never been offered together before. We have created a unique set of packages designed to offer homeowners worry free living.

Imagine never having to pull out a ladder to change dirty air filters or always having a clean outdoor living space to entertain and enjoy.

How many times have we become too busy with our day to daily lives and forgotten to stock up on things like batteries, filters, light bulbs and salt? How many of us are unsure of which products to buy?

Guessing can often result in costly errors and can be frustrating.

Leave your home maintenance needs to our Home Maintenance Technicians, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your life.

TREIDGEN HomeServices has taken the worry out of maintaining your home and will elevate your lifestyle by adding luxury services to basic home maintenance needs.

Our Backyard Butler service was created for homeowners to enjoy clean exterior living as much as they enjoy the comforts of a clean home. You can relax or entertain without ever having to worry about wiping off the layer of dust from your chairs or tables. Exchanging propane tanks on sight, remove pet paste, and clean your outdoor kitchen so you can rest, relax and enjoy the comforts of your home.

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SilverState Package

Designed primarily to perform routine maintenance tasks necessary to keep your home running in pristine condition, with a few added perks. Each packages is fitted with a Home Maintenance Technician who will keep your home running smooth and looking pristine. Your Home Maintenance Technician take care of routine home maintenance tasks without you having the hassle of stocking supplies, getting on ladders and step stools, or lifting heavy bags of salt.

In addition, a professional pressure washing will preventing those pesky HOA letters of ever complaining about unsightly driveway stains. After our professional pressure washer cleans away the oil and tire marks from your driveway, he will then professional clean the grime from your trash cans too. Live worry free and leave the maintenance needs of your home to one of our trained Home Maintenance Technicians.

GoldenNugget Package

Homeowners enjoy all of the benefits of the Silver State Package with the added luxury of our Backyard Butler service. Along with a Home Maintenance Technician, our Backyard Butler’s are readily available to service your backyard oasis. The Backyard Butler was created to fill a need for homeowners who want to enjoy the luxury of their backyards without the hassle of having to clean off the layer of desert dust that accumulates every time the strong valley winds start to gust.

The exterior living spaces of your home are usually left untouched by a housekeeper and the landscapers certainly will not sanitize your outdoor kitchen or polish your grill. Our Backyard Butler will wipe down all outdoor tables, chairs, and patio furniture leaving your lounge areas dust free. We also focus on sanitizing all exterior kitchens, bathrooms, and shower areas. All stainless steel surfaces are cleaned and polished. We will sweep away dirt and debris and even mop your exterior flooring. Our Backyard Butlers make sure the playgrounds are wiped down and clear of debris, and your fire pit is clean and removed of any standing water.

BattleBorn Package

The Battle Born Package is offered to homeowners who want to enjoy the special touch of our Backyard Butler service on a more frequent basis. Our Backyard Butler will visit your property weekly versus quarterly leaving your backyard oasis ready for leisure all year round.

We have also added the extra amenity of propane exchange to this package. Our Backyard Butler can easily disconnect the heavy, bulky tanks and properly connect a full tank in its place. Your barbecue will always be ready to fire up and your outdoor heaters are readily available to keep you and your loved ones warm in the winter months.

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