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Treidgen HomeServices is worry free living…We offer homeowners an all-encompassing Home Maintenance service that can perform routine maintenance tasks necessary to keep your home running in pristine condition! …with a few added luxury perks.

So what exactly is HomeServices? For comparison, in the past, visiting the grocery store required consumers to purchase from the butcher, the milkman, the baker, etc. Now purchasing our food from multiple vendors seems ridiculous and a waste of time. Treidgen has innovated this mentality to the service industry by creating Treidgen HomeServices, which provides multiple services that have traditionally never been offered together before to acquaint homeowners with worry-free living. Now with one monthly invoice, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of traditional services like basic landscape, pest control, window cleaning, and pressure washing, along with new services such as a Backyard Butler and a Home Maintenance Technician

The exterior living spaces of your home are usually left untouched by a housekeeper, and landscapers certainly will not sanitize your outdoor kitchen or polish and clean your BBQ grill. For those exterior spaces, a Backyard Butler can clean your exterior living areas so you can relax and enjoy your exterior living spaces as much as you enjoy the comforts of a home. Backyard Butler’s are experts at removing the layer of dust from your patio chairs, tables and countertops. They sanitize exterior kitchens, shower and bathroom areas. Family areas such as playgrounds and fire pits will be wiped down and cleared of any debris or standing water. They also provide services such as propane exchange, pet waste removal, and barbecue cleaning.

But don’t think these services are just limited to the exterior of the home. HomeMaintenance Technicians will perform a thirteen point inspection on your home and property, offering regular and preventative maintenance such as changing air filters, smoke alarm batteries, and light bulbs, or filling saltwater tanks with the 40lb bags of salt pellets, all on a regular rotating basis.  This prevents homeowners from having to get on ladders or step stools, heavy lifting or waking up to that annoying chirp from a dead battery in the smoke detector.

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